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About us

Select Baits was born out of the close-knit cooperation of multiple anglers with great experience in bait making and carp fishing in general. All of our products are therefore tried and tested recipes, which started out as mere ideas and theories, but have only been put into mass production after countless experiments on dozens of lakes.

The name itself "SELECT" Baits was basically born from the fact that we do not commercialize anything until all of our anglers have tested the product thoroughly and only then "selected" it from the myriad of market options. The Select Baits range we ended up offering is made up of the most effective products we have ever used.

Each and every product has been tested in different scenarios and different waters to ensure that it works. And we do feel confident in saying that if fished correctly and with confidence our products do work.

The aim of Select Baits is to provide premium quality baits at a reasonable price to well-informed anglers. Clear and transparent information is really our motto and we do sincerely believe that anglers will appreciate the abundance of detail our product descriptions offer.

All our ingredients come from the biggest and most renowned international suppliers and we do vouch for the freshness and quality of all of them. We work only with the best raw materials available and we guarantee that our baits stand up to any premium product on the market. The only thing that remains is for you to try our products for yourself and try to invalidate our claims....if you can!

About us About us