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Liquid activators are among the most modern and most efficient solutions ever devised to ensure a successful and correct boilies recipe. Select Baits offers you nothing more and nothing less than quite simply the entire liquid component of our boilies range. This packaging offers you a number of advantages - the entire, unabridged recipe with the certainty that you will not be left with fractions and as such save money on individual components that might leave you with unusable left-overs. While anglers usually accustomed to making their own boilies might be slightly reticent to use just "one" liquid instead of the myriad they were used to, rest assured nothing has changed. It's not just one liquid, it's all of them at once. Your boilies does not lose anything at all, quite the contrary! Each and every of our activators includes a detailed break-down of composition so you can clearly see how rich they are and that none of the essentials are missing. We even recommend you use them "outside" of Select Baits with any fishmeal base mix. Don't be scared to go for the upper dosage of 100ml per kilo of mix. Higher doses will increase underwater sollubility and greatly increase the attractiveness of your baits.
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  • Crab & Krill Activator

    CRAB & KRILL Activator contains a wide array of nutritional liquids such as: liquid hydrolised krill, liquid belachan, crab and oyster extract, liquid Robin Red, corn steep liquor ...

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    Crab & Krill Activator
  • BELACHAN Activator

    BELACHAN Activator is the entire liquid part we recommend be used for our BELACHAN Mix, exactly in the formula we use in our Select Baits Team. All required ingredients are include ...

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    BELACHAN Activator
  • MEAT & FISH Activator

    MEAT & FISH Activator is nothing else than the liquid component for the MEAT & FISH base mix, exactly as our Select Baits team uses it. Each and every required ingredient is includ ...

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    MEAT & FISH Activator
  • LIVER SPICE Activator

    LIVER SPICE Activator is essentially the liquid component we recommend for the LIVER SPICE base mix, in the very same recipe used by our Select Baits team. All ingredients required ...

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    LIVER SPICE Activator
  • HOT FISH Activator

    HOT FISH Activator is nothing less than the exact same liquid component our Select Baits team uses for the HOT FISH base mix. All ingredients required for a quality recipe have bee ...

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    HOT FISH Activator