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Boilie basemix

If you're a boilie angler, particularly if you have a good sense of what makes a quality boilies stand out, then you no doubt appreciate a good quality base mix, and we at Select Baits try to offer you precisely that. Some anglers associate boilies purely with flavor and smell, but we believe it's more important to draw your attention to the quality of the base mix itself. Actually for quite a long time boilies did not even have added flavors, just the natural taste of the ingredients, and Fred Wilton (among the early pioneers if not the inventor) is credited to have originally said that if you can smell any sort of synthetic flavors added to your boilies, then you've already gone too far! A good boilies mix should be designed to catch fish not just on specific ocassions, but over the short term and the long term alike. In order to correctly judge a mix, we warmly encourage you to simply give it some time. If it hasn't instantly caught you fish, it might not be just the mix. If it has done wonders, it still might not be just the mix. For short sessions many anglers prefer a simple mix, which is overly reliant on liquid attractants and added flavors, but our experience has lead us to believe that this is too much of a gamble because you have to compete with other anglers' baits, which may very well be better. A good quality mix will shield you from such unwanted surprises and give you that special edge over the long run. Select Baits offers you two types of boilies mixes designed to cover all of your fishing needs. On the hand, we offer high nutritional value fish-meal mixes, designed to offer carp their necessary and desired proteins and nutrients, in a very attractive shape. On the other hand, we also offer birdfood mixes designed around the idea of high attraction, which contain ingredients offering high energy content. We have tried to reduce as much as possible the "filler" or "volume" ingredients (grey, soy, biscuit), enough to keep the boilies strong and sturdy, but no more! The fishmeals we have selected are simply among the best one can find today. Having been produced with specific cold-processing technologies, the fishmeals used in our boilies boast high value for carp digestion. The natural extracts included in our mixes come from the pharmaceutical industry, some having even been designed for human use. You have no doubt felt so far that we at Select Baits like to offer as many details as we can about our boilies mixes, including a full list of ingredients. We do this because we strongly feel anglers should be able to fully understand what they are using and based on that make the correct choices. Fish our mixes with full confidence and your results will undoubtedly go up!
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