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Essential oils

Essential oils are just about the most natural flavor one can use in a carp bait. We particularly recommend them for boilies recipes where they contribute not just an intense olfactory attraction, but also at the level of taste. What is the relationship between smell and taste? Put simply while a flavor may wash off (and the more solluble it is, the faster it will), while taste stays for longer. Conventional flavors just add this temporary olfactory attraction. Essential oils add a layer of taste. We firmly believe that a quality boilies must keep its taste for long after the flavor has perhaps washed off. This is exactly what oils do - they give our baits an un-washable taste! Another interesting aspect, which commonly misleads anglers, is that essential oils are in fact not "oily" like common ones and as such we not only allow use them in cold seasons, we outright recommend it! We do however advocate care - our oils are so concentrated that dosage is measured in drops! With some essential oiles, two or three extra drops means you've completely doubled the dosage. Simply follow the guidelines we offer on the labels and you will be absolutely fine. If you do have a situation that needs loads of bait and you want to add our oiles there, just remember that 24 drops means one millilitre. We vouch for each and every essential oil in the Select Baits range. Fish them correctly, fish them with confidence and they will produce the goods!
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  • Cinnamon Essential Oil

    Often used in combination with birdfood and milk protein based mixes, it has obtained numerous catches over the years. Our suggestion is to try it out with different mixes and in c ...

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    Cinnamon Essential Oil
  • Winter Blend Essential Oil

    Winter Blend is our favorite additive when the water temperature drops! It is a blend of citrus essential oils, including grapefruit and tangerine, with excellent dispersion proper ...

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    Winter Blend Essential Oil
  • Black Pepper Essential Oil

    Of all the oils you are likely to encounter in your fishing, Black Pepper Oil is quite possible the absolute best. It works well with any sort of mix and flavors and is widely cons ...

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    Black Pepper Essential Oil
  • Garlic Essential Oil

    Garlic is an absolute classic of carp fishing. Our Essential Garlic Oil is nothing less than the most natural and highly concentrated version of this flavor.

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    Garlic Essential Oil