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Instructions for using our special Thaumantin sweetener

Thaumantin is one of the highest selling products in the entire Select Baits range and we get quite a few questions on how to efficiently use it and why is it so different than classical sugars or artificial sweeteners. To begin with, compared with your house-hold sugar, the Select Baits Thaumantin is simply more powerful.

In addition, Thaumantin is not just a sweetener but also a highly efficient attractant. Anyone who ever opened up a pot simply fell in love with its sweet, creamy smell. Made from a 100% natural extract, Thaumantin is at the same time, flavor, nutritional liquid and sweetener. It is the only product in the entire bait making industry that has all three properties at the same time. While it may not have the immediate sweetening power of synthetic sweeteners, it is a safer product which will not backfire if used in larger doses.

You can do the following test for yourseves - just put a bit of synthetic sweetner on the tip of your tongue and you will first experience a burning sensation and only afterwards sweetness. Imagine now what the carp must be feeling with its greatly hightened senses. By contrast, Thaumantin would not only feel instantly sweet, but it will also leave a more persisting taste.

It is very versatile and can be used in boilies recipes, with particles, groundbaits, in dips or as taste enhancer for pop ups or artificial corn.  For particles, particularly maize, the absolute best results we've had is by using 5ml per kilogram of dry corn. To make sure you don't lose any of the Thaumantin's awesome qualities, make sure you add it to the water you soak the particles in. Do not cover your particles under more than 3-4 fingers-depth of water because the less water you have, the better the spread and concentration of Thaumantin. You want those particles to take in as much Thaumantin as possible, not saturate them with water. Be careful with corn in particular to always keep it covered with a bit of water, because it tends to absorb quite a lot.

The longer you soak it the better. Usually after 4-5 days of soaking it will boil quite easily. This will of course also depend on the quality of the corn itself. The rule of thumb is that after boiling you should end up with slightly cracked particles which are not too soft.

Thaumantin is thermally stable and not very volatile. Although it is an all-natural product, it's not an essential oil.

RECOMMENDATIONS: 1. If you are fishing with particles, go for mixes. A mix of corn, whole and crushed, small particles, hemp and tiger nuts - such as Select Baits Aniseed - can sometimes be more effective than boilies. The main idea behind these mixes is to combine the individual attraction of the components with the effect of keeping carp busy milling around for all manner of particles. If you keep carp preoccupied on your spot, you can be sure you're in for a great session.

PAY ATTENTION: Different particles may require different times and methods of preparation. Mix them only after they have all been prepared, preferably on the bank. 2. Thaumantin is also highly efficient at boosting the attraction of pop ups. Next to Black Pepper Essential Oil and N-Butyric Acid, Thaumantin is one the best additives you can use either in manufacturing or (re)hydrating pop ups. Add 3ml of flavor next to 2ml of Thaumantin in your pot and shake well so that each and every pop up gets covered in liquid. This is simply a fail-proof trick, and your pop ups will be more attractive than ever!

Instructions for using our special Thaumantin sweetener Instructions for using our special Thaumantin sweetener Instructions for using our special Thaumantin sweetener Instructions for using our special Thaumantin sweetener Instructions for using our special Thaumantin sweetener