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Parcel services

1.  Payment methods

We offer our customers the following methods of payment:


If you choose to pay via the free online payment service PayPal, you can be sure that your money transfer will be totally secure. In addition, this method does not require you to share any financial details with us (credit or debit card, bank account number, PayPal balance etc.).

In order to use this payment method you must have a personal PayPal account.

Invoices paid for through PayPal are usually delivered faster than in the case of other payment methods. For further information about PayPal please check: www.paypal.com

NOTE: This is the safest payment method for both parties involved and we strongly recommend it.

Payment in advance / Bank transfer

Paying for your goods through bank transfer (also known as wired transfer), means that you accept to pay us the proforma invoice in advance. You must indicate on the bank payment form the invoice number we provided you on the proforma. Your order will be dispatched as soon as we receive the money in our account.

NOTE: This is the cheapest payment method, but please note that all bank fees involved must be paid for by the customer. We must receive in our account the exact amount specified on the proforma invoice.


Credit card

You can also use your credit card to directly pay the proforma invoice we provide. We accept Visa / Visa Electron and MasterCard / Maestro. We use 3-D Secure Technology through the programs Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. This offers you an extra level of security that protects your card from any unauthorized use.

Our online payment system does not require any additional charges.


Cash on Delivery

You can also pay for the goods in your national currency, upon delivery through any door-to-door courier. Your order amount plus transportation costs (when they are supported by the customer) are converted by the courier from Euro into your national currency. The conversion rates we use are the ones indicated by the ECONT bank partner. We do not tax our customers any extra fee for this option – you will only pay the transportation cost in addition to the order cost.

NOTE: This option is not available for all EU countries. Please check the table provided bellow before proceeding with your order.


2.  Transportation costs

Transportation costs will be calculated using the shipping fees indicated below. This cost will be individually marked and added on the proforma invoice. In cases where we offer free delivery, the proforma will only contain the ordered goods.

NOTE: Due to conditions imposed on us by our courier partner-firms, we are not able to deliver products such as rods, landing nets or any other product longer than 2.0m, in regular packed forms. These products fall under a special delivery regime – they are charged per volume not weight which is why a rod segment of 2.0m is charged as weighing 10kgs. We are trying to ensure you the safest shipment possible and as such we would like to kindly thank you for your understanding vis-à-vis these special requirements for this specific range of products.

DPD/GLS door-to-door delivery flat-rate shipping fees for orders outside Romania are as follows: 

Country destination Country code Up to 3kg Up to 10kg Up to 20kg Up to 31,5kg
Austria AT 10,9 23,9 29,9 33,9
Belgium BE 14,9 26,9 32,9 37,9
Bulgaria* BG 2,9 4,9 8,9 11,9
Czech Rep. CZ 14,9 19,9 32,9 37,9
Croatia HR 14,9 26,9 32,9 37,9
Denmark DK 14,9 26,9 32,9 37,9
Estonia EE 14,9 26,9 32,9 37,9
Finland FI 20,9 33,9 39,9 43,9
France FR 19,9 27,9 33,9 37,9
Germany DE 10,9 23,9 29,9 33,9
Greece GR 14,9 27,9 33,9 37,9
Hungary* HU 2,9 3,9 5,9 6,9
Ireland IE 21,9 31,9 40,9 49,9
North Ireland GB2 31,9 44,9 49,9 54,9
Italy IT 10,9 23,9 29,9 33,9
Latvia LV 14,9 26,9 32,9 37,9
Lithuania LT 14,9 26,9 32,9 39,9
Luxemburg LU 14,9 26,9 32,9 37,9
Great Britain GB 14,9 26,9 32,9 39,9
Netherlands NL 14,9 26,9 32,9 37,9
Poland PL 14,9 26,9 32,9 37,9
Portugal PT 20,9 33,9 38,9 43,9
Slovakia SK 10,9 19,9 23,9 29,9
Slovenia SI 11,9 19,9 24,9 27,9
Spain ES 14,9 26,9 32,9 37,9
Sweden SE 20,9 33,9 38,9 43,9


*For orders above 99 Euro and weighing under 5kgs we offer FREE DELIVERY with DPD Express to Bulgaria and Hungary

NOTE:  Parcells that weigh over 31.5kgs will be split in two or more individual packages and will be charged accordingly. For instance, an order weighing 40kgs will be charged as two separate packages: one for weight up to 31.5kgs and the second one for a weight less than 10kgs.

Please find bellow the list of countries for which we offer door-to-door delivery with the option of cash on delivery payment. PayPal payment method is also available in these countries.

We use ECONT company express courier services and we charge the following courier prices: 


Country destination Less than 1kg Less than 2 kg Less than 5kg Less than 10kg Less than 15kg Less than 20kg More than 20kg
Bulgaria 6 eur
8 eur 9 eur 11 eur 12 eur 13 eur 0.6 eur per kilo
Hungary 32 eur 37 eur 41 eur 49 eur 57 eur 66 eur 2.9 eur per kilo
Slovenia 32 eur 37 eur 41 eur 49 eur 57 eur 66 eur 2.9 eur per kilo
Czech Rep. 32 eur 37 eur 41 eur 49 eur 57 eur 66 eur 2.9 eur per kilo

Customers from countries not listed above need to use PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer methods of payment to ensure delivery.


3.      Estimated delivery time

If you choose PayPal, Credit Card, Online Bank Transfer or Cash on Delivery payment methods, we will dispatch your goods as soon as possible. If you choose the pay in advance method, then we will send your order as soon as we have received your payment in our account. After dispatching your parcel, you will receive an email with detailed information and a tracking number, so you can also personally look after your order.

Normally, dispatching takes around 5-7 days within Europe. In most cases, your order will actually be dispatched even a bit faster than that. Our shipping partners are DPD, GLS and ECONT.

4.      Changing your order

Within a few minutes of placing your order you will receive a confirmation email. If you want to change or cancel anything, please tell us as quickly as possible via e-mail to contact@selectbaits.com

NOTE: It is a mandatory requirement that you indicate us the order number you got from us and that you use the e-mail which is affiliated with your account.

5.      Goods return policy

Returning your ordered goods is possible within 7 days after you have received them. You must also send us a notice of your intention to return the goods within this period. You can signal your intention to return the goods by e-mail to contact@selectbaits.com You should send the goods back to us after having sent the email notification.

NOTE: The goods must be in the original packing, without any sign of use and with all original stickers and tags/labels. Please be aware you must pay postal charges for returning the goods, otherwise this will cause higher costs for the return and we will charge them off of your refund.

6.      Cash refund / Out of stock ordered products 

For the vast majority of cases the stocks our website display are real. However, it may happen that we have an issue if you order a higher number of products than our stock, or if someone else ordered the same product before you and we have not had time to update the website. Because we process orders as they come, it may occasionally happen that we will not be able to deliver all of your ordered products.

If you paid via PayPal we will immediately refund the money with no extra charges. For other payment methods, you will receive a modified order with the goods we do have in stock. The order will be processed and dispatched after we have received your agreement concerning the new order.

7.      Tariffs and Customs Taxes


If you are ordering from outside the EU please note that customs taxes and broker fees are not included in neither the item price nor the shipping charges. Any such tariffs are entirely the customer’s responsibility. Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be, before placing your order. 

Parcel services Parcel services Parcel services