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BIO-KRILL is a complex fishmeal base mix created by bringing together two highly attractive components: krill extract and a natural source of N-Butyric acid. Krill is one of the most valued crustacean extracts to be used in boilies. It has a fantastic seafood flavor as well as a porous texture which creates a boilies with instant dispersion.

We have gone above and beyond the regular recommended dose and we've also enriched the recipe with a hefty dose of cold-processed fishmeal - SCO 70. The mix also includes two birdfoods, chief among them being the legendary Robin Red and the absolute classic that is garlic powder. BIO-KRILL mix can be safely and successfully used throughout the entire season.

To make it further stand out especially in cold water fishing, we've also added a special spice that essentially is a rich source of N-Butyric acid. N-Butyric acid is essentially a fermentation result which greatly enhances the feeding signal of any bait in cold waters and also greatly emphasizes its flavors.

Ingredients: krill extract, cold-processed fishmeal SCO 70, Robin Red, blood plasma, Nectarblend (sweet biscuits with egg). Supergold 60, soy flour, garlic powder and other spices, semolina, vitamins and minerals. We vouch for the quality and freshness of all our ingredients. We offer 1, 5 and 2.5kg packing. The 2.5kg version is a Handy Pack which contains 2.5kg of base mix + 250ml BIO-KRILL Activator.

Recommended recipes: for boiled boilies 1kg base mix + 100ml liquid activator + eggs; for solluble boilies - 1kg base mix + 100ml liquid activator + equal parts warm water and Sweetcorn Syrup replacing eggs.

Bio-Krill Bio-Krill Bio-Krill Bio-Krill

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