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Crab & Krill

Crab & Krill base mix aims to provide to the carpanglers familiar with the Select Baits boilies a complete base mix, fishmeal by definition, improved through various natural powder extracts and fish meals such as original Provimi 66 and LT94, CPSP90 predigested fish meal, Arctic krill meal and Asian shrimp (belachan) powder.

The mix has a high level of solubility leveled by renowned birdfoods, such as Sluis CLO or Robin Red Haith's original. We took the liberty to add our own mix of spices, for a more intense taste and natural flavor, various seeds with different sizes, kelp meal for the special natural aroma that it gives and lactic protein to ensure that everything combines. We also used blood plasma, an excellent binding ingredient, but also with a consistent protein intake.

The mix is rolling well, it can even be used as a 'try & test' material for those who are at the beginning of the road in running their boilies in kitchen.


Ingredients: LT94 fish meal, CPSP90 pre-digested fish meal, Provimi 66 white fish meal, krill meal, belachan powder, Sluis CLO, Haith’s Robin Red, powder spices, seeds, milk protein, blood powder, kelp meal, soy flour, betaine, semolina, vitamins and minerals

For maximum efficiency we strongly recommend to use dedicated liquid part with your recipe.


Recommended recipes:

Boiled boilies: 1kg CRAB & KRILL mix + 100ml CRAB & KRILL activator + eggs

Soluble boilies: 1kg CRAB & KRILL base mix + 100ml CRAB & KRILL activator + Sweetcorn Syrup and hot water (equal proportions) instead of eggs


Available in quantities of 1kg, 5kg and 2.5kg complete package (Handy Pack). A complete package contains 2.5kg mix and 250ml activator.

Crab & Krill Crab & Krill Crab & Krill Crab & Krill

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