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Hot Fish

HOT FISH is the result of multiple years of testing with different fishmeals, additivated with VERY spicy ingredients. And we don't just mean spicy, we do mean HOT! Very HOT! Spices have long been known to be excellent for carp, as they aid with digestion, particularly in colder waters. If you have been accustomed to tasting boilies, you really should be careful before trying Select Baits HOT FISH. You will probably feel it's simply too hot, but this is just fantastic for carp.

As a high nutritional mix, HOT FISH can be used in any context, whether it's prebaiting, short or long sessions and it will produce the goods regardless of water temperature. By far the best results have come in cold waters.

The Select Baits range also includes a complete liquid component for this base mix, containing all the necessary ingredients of a top quality recipe.

Ingredients: cold-processed LT94 fish meal, white fish flour, herring fishmeal, sardine & anchovy fishmeal, chili powder, blood powder, CLO (a special biscuit flour impregnated with cod liver oil), Nectarblend (sweet biscuits with egg), Spanish Pepper (mix of seeds, vegetable oiles, sweet pepper and carophyll red), marine extracts, grounded shellfish, particles, semolina, vitamins and minerals. Also included are optimal doses of betaine and GLM. We vouch for the quality and freshness of all our ingredients. Select Baits offers 1kg, 5kg and 2.5kg packing. The 2.5kg version is in fact a Handy Pack which containts 2.5kg of base mix and 250ml of liquid activator.

Recommended recipes: 1kg base mix + 100ml activator + eggs; solluble boilies: 1kg base mix + 100ml activator + equal parts waters and Sweetcorn Syrup instead of eggs.

Hot Fish Hot Fish Hot Fish Hot Fish

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