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Liver Spice

LIVER SPICE is a base mix built around meat meals. Meat meals are actually quite rare and they are believed to be alternatives to classical fishmeals, but we would like to tell you…..they are more than just an alternative. They can simply be better!

LIVER SPICE contains high quality meat meals, including the widely respected hydrolysed meat protein, with an all-natural 100% purified liver extract giving the mix high attraction. Liver extracts are today widely recognized as some of the most valuable ingredients you can have in your boilies mix.

The Select Baits Liver Spice mix is completely non-oily and has been designed for use throughout the season, even in the coldest of waters. We have also added a few spices, such as garlic powder and chili flakes, in addition to Asian condiments, which improve digestion and give the mix a unique flavor.

Ingredients: liver powder,purified meat meals, hydrolysed meat proten, blood plasma, Nectarblend (sweet biscuits with egg), CLO (biscuit impregnated with cod liver oil), garlic powder, chili flakes and other spices, soy flour, semolina, vitamins and minerals. We vouch for the quality and freshness of all our ingredients. We offer 1, 5 and 2.5kg packing. The 2.5kg version is a Handy Pack which contains 2.5kg of base mix + 250ml of Liver Spice Activator.

Recommended recipes: for boiled boilies 1kg base mix + 100ml liquid activator + eggs; for solluble boilies - 1kg base mix + 100ml liquid activator + equal parts warm water and Sweetcorn Syrup replacing eggs.

Liver Spice Liver Spice Liver Spice Liver Spice

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