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Meat & Fish

MEAT & FISH is a complex mix, built around the idea of combining the intensity of an all-natural attraction with nutritional value ingredients.

By using a high dose of original Haith's Robin Red we have managed to create a bait whose intense cherry coloring betrays a richly spicy flavor. Our recipe includes various types of fishmeals (animal and marine), as well as vegetable and lactic flours, all added with the aim of creating a balanced and complete nutritional profile.

MEAT & FISH contains numerous semi-solluble ingredients which gradually give off fast-acting attractants into the water. Select Baits offers a ready-made complementary liquid component, which contains all additives and flavors required for a top-quality bait.

Ingredients: Robin Red, cold-processed LT94 fishmeal, predigested fishmeal, meat fishmeal, krill powder, blood powder, kelp meal, CLO (grounded biscuit impregnated with cod liver oil), Nectarblend (sweet ground biscuits with egg), soy flour, lactic proteins, particles, semolina, vitamins and minerals. Also included are optimal doses of betaine and GLM. We vouch for the quality and freshness of all our ingredients. We offer 1, 5 and 2.5kg packing. The 2.5kg version is actually a Handy Pack which contains 2.5kg of base mix and a 250ml activator liquid.

Recommended recipes: boiled boilies - 1kg base mix + 100ml Liquid Activator + eggs; Solluble Boilies: 1kg base mix + 100ml Liquid Activator + equal parts water and Sweetcorn Syrup instead of eggs.

Meat & Fish Meat & Fish Meat & Fish Meat & Fish

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