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Super Squid

SUPER SQUID is a base mix created to fully exploit the awesome qualities of the squid extract.

We have added what can only be called as an "astronomical", but each and every of our tests has proven that it just works perfectly.

Just open a pack of SUPER SQUID for yourselves and be impressed by the sheer scent of it. In addition to this fantastic ingredient, our mix also contains high nutritional fishmeals, vegetable flours, spices and other tried and tested ingredients. We wanted a spicy finish to it, so we went for grounded black pepper as the final flavor. When combined with the Squid Extract, black pepper creates a truly unique flavor.

Ingredients: squid extract, sardines and anchovy fishmeal, solluble marine extracts, kelp powder, black pepper, CLO (special biscuit impregnated with cod liver oil), soy flour, particles, semolina, vitamins and minerals. We vouch for the quality and freshness of all our ingredients. We offer 1, 5 and 2.5kg packing. The 2.5kg version is a Handy Pack which contains 2.5kg of base mix + 250ml Super Squid Activator.

Recommended recipes: for boiled boilies 1kg base mix + 100ml liquid activator + eggs; for solluble boilies - 1kg base mix + 100ml liquid activator + equal parts warm water and Sweetcorn Syrup replacing eggs.

Super Squid Super Squid Super Squid Super Squid

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