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Groundbaits are extremely popular, efficient and cheap baits for carp. They rely on different flours (cereal-, animal- or lactic-based) sprinkled with particles (whole or broken). Regardless of season they are some of the most attractive baits you could ever find. More often than not groundbaits are used to create feeding frenzy in highly stocked waters, as they keep fish milling around for small particles, without actually ever satiating them. This would be more difficult to achieve with boilies which tend to feed the carp more. If you do want to create a fishing frenzy, groundbaits are still unsurpassed. In their natural state, the flours composing the groundbait are very light and as such rise through the water column. The less water you add to your groundbait, the more this up and down effect will occur. Insider tip - this is exactly what seasoned anglers look for, a balance of upwards and downards moving particles, created through different levels of water added to their groundbait. This essentially creates a type of cloud, particularly effective for grass carp, but also more generally in warmer periods when carp seem unwilling to go down and feed on your area. One major advantage of groundbaits is that you can combine them with pellets and boilies. Competition anglers never go into battle without groundbaits as they allow you various strategies, can be easily personalized singling your baits out or can even be over-baited because they easily washed away. All of this experience has been simply poured into the range of groundbaits offered by Select Baits. Fish them correctly, fish them with confidence and they will produce the goods!
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