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Ready-made boilies

Fish our ready-made boilies with all confidence because we have been testing them for years and they really are great! Not only do they catch big fish, as our gallery proves, but we have invested a great deal of time into testing them in parallel with most of their competitors. Given the unprecedented level of competivity on the bait market today, were we not conviced that we trully have found an edge, we would have simply stopped fishing. All the boilies offered in the Select Baits range have been designed and produced by our team, with the finest ingredients available, usually bought straight from the producers themselves, allowing us full quality control. Yes, some ingredients are expensive, but they are also simply irreplaceable. All our recipes offer a perfect balance - an easily rolled but very sturdy boilies, which does not forego anything in terms of both attractiveness and nutritional value. The liquid component is around 100ml per kg of base mix. We went for such a high dosage regardless of production costs because we know just how important the liquids are in your fishing, particularly for anglers with much more limited time than us. Every assortment in our range has its own special signature liquid component, designed specifically for its base mix. You will I imagine also ask us about flavors. Rest assured we use the absolute best ones available. If you haven't heard about Squid & Octopus, Monster Crab, Sweetcorn, Honey or Black Pepper Oil you might be doing something wrong in your fishing. To cut a very long story short - all of our experience, all of our discoveries and "secrets" have been simply poured into this range. And here at Select Baits we do have a large team with exceptional experience, which have been given enough time to create something trully special for you. Fish them correctly, fish them with confidence and they will produce the goods!
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  • Classic Sweetcorn

    Yellow, rough-grained boilies with an airy texture that perfectly allows observing all the ingredients: ground up and whole particles held together by volume ingredients such as so ...

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    Classic Sweetcorn
  • Squid Krill & Oriental Spices

    This extremely rich recipe contains: cold-processed fishmeal (LT), lactic proteins, Robin Red, krill fishmeal, blended Asian spices, chili flakes, ground up biscuits, CLO and other ...

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    Squid Krill & Oriental Spices
  • Classic Strawberry

    Try as we might to give you an accurate tally of carp caught over the years on ready-made strawberry boilies, we simply lost count. Properly chosen, with the right chemical base (s ...

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    Classic Strawberry
  • Crab & Krill

    Ingredients: LT94 fishmeal, Provimi 66 white fishmeal, CPSP90 pre-digested fishmeal, krill meal, belachan powder, Sluis CLO, Haith’s Robin Red, seeds, milk protein, liquid belachan ...

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    Crab & Krill
  • BELACHAN + Mussel & Belachan

    All we can say is - be happy you can buy this one ready-made rather than having to make it yourself. To say that that it's pungent would be an understatement.

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    BELACHAN + Mussel & Belachan
  • Nutty Scopex

    High-Nutritive-Value boilies obtained by mixing the tigernut and peanut flours with proteic lactic powders. This results in a mix with great power of attraction, a solid alternativ ...

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    Nutty Scopex
  • LIVER SPICE + Frankfurter

    LIVER SPICE + Frankfurter is a very special recipe which we have concocted by replacing conventional fishmeals with specially processed meat meals, seasoned with Asian spices.

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    LIVER SPICE + Frankfurter