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Any carp angler knows (or better said, should know) the value of a good sweetener. Carp utterly love sweet foods. This is why any baits go up in value with the adding of sweeteners. Your household sugar added to corn or honey added on groundbaits, both very popular in early carpfishing, are nothing else than sweeteners that anyone could use to great effect. Bait companies usually provide anglers highly concentrated sweeteners that either natural or artificial. The vast majority of firms go for the latter as they are far cheaper. They do however lack the quality of the natural ones. This is something we at Select Baits would never forego so we offer a natural sweetener named Thaumantin, which we strongly believe is among the best you could find right now. Just taste one drop of Thaumantin compared to one drop of artificial sweeteners and you will undoubtedly see the differences. Obviously we know that there is a big difference between what we feel and what the carp perceives, but in the cause of Thaumantin we know for a fact that carp have a big weakness for it. You can use Thaumantin for preparing particles and groundbaits, but we particularly recommend it for your boilies. In all boilies, regardless of whether you aim for a sweet or spicy one. We assure you, there is no contradiction on terms here. All boilies can gain a great edge with just 1-2 ml of Thaumantin added. Fish it well, fish it with confidence and it will produce the goods!
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  • Thaumatin

    Thaumantin is a highly intense sweetener, 100% water-soluble, made entirely from natural ingredients. It is a highly versatile product used widely in food processing industries, ph ...

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