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Products from this range really do add great value to one's baits and as such we do use them quite often. Additives are simply a must in any self-respecting high nutritional boilies. But again, the label is perhaps misleading - first and foremost additives create attraction. Yet, their key advantage is balance - if at first they simply draw fish in (very useful in short sessions or competition-style fishing), after a while they also offer a good nutritional content that keeps carp on your spot. If we were to break it down for you we'd say that attraction is the essential first layer - once put in the water, your baits must instantly attract carp. No matter how high its nutritional value, if a fish is not attracted, your bait will not produce results. Yet, there is another equally vital layer - once attraction has done its job, we want fish to see that your baits feeds it better than your neighbor's and as such they stay put rather moving on. The more they realize this, the more frenzied their feeding, the lower their guard and the higher the likelihood of ending in your landing net. Select Baits offers you the perfect compromise - high nutritional baits, complements with very attractive additives, because we know that most anglers have limited time and we want them to maximize it. The natural extracts you will find in our range - like GLM or Betaine, are among the strongest of their kind. Used in combination with high nutritional base mixes, these additives create something really impressive, far more so than when used with other boilies mixes (though undoubtedly they really improve those too!). Given their high price, not many would use them with groundbaits of particles, but we do recommend you sometimes try them with stick mixes, or as a glaze over boilies or pellets diped in nutritional liquids. The Select Baits range offers additives and natural extracts of the highest quality and with a time-proven reputation. Fish them correctly, fish them with confidence and they will produce the goods!
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