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Cloudy Additive Range

The Cloudy Smoke range aims to offer the highest possible attraction you can infuse into a carp fishing bait. Every item in the range is designed to excite the senses of all carps - sight, taste and smell. There are a range of such products available today so we would like to offer you a few guidelines on how to make the best possible choice. ATTRACTANTS - here the major differences come from flavors, yet our recipe also further adds Thaumantin sweetener and dissolved Betaine HCl. When it comes to flavors, Select Baits had made a rigurous selection from the huge array of available options, and, at the end of the day, has decided to offer you the most tried and tested ones. If it has reeked havoc throughout European waters for a long period time, then it appeared on our radar too. We ended up with just four flavors, but these are absolute legends: Tutti Frutti (a sweet, exotic fruit flavor), Shellfish Plum (plum and crustacean, a classical deadly combination), Squid & Octopus (arguably the most famous flavor ever used in carp fishing), Garlic Extreme (relying heavily on essential garlic oil with its extremely high levels of sollubility even in ice-cold waters). All our flavors use alcohols or esters as chemical bases, which ensure rapid dispersion underwater. The sweetner we use in all the Cloudy Smoke Range is our staple product, Select Baits Thaumantin. Extracted from the root of an african plant, Thaumantin offers a unique sweet taste, which is 100% natural. There is thus absolutely no risk of actually scaring fish away, which has happened when using artificial sweeteners. Every vial contains a small dose of hydrocolled betaine (Betaine HCl as it is more commnly known). We decided to use this specific ingredient because of its low pH - 5 compared to water's usual 8. Underwater betaine essentially gives of a constant, steady stream of chemical signals. In olfactory terms, betaine HCl is basically like Pavlov's bulb for carp! COLOR - the visual aspect is what really makes the Cloudy Smoke Range stand out. Unlike classical dips, Cloudy Smoke liquids create an actual cloud (hence the name) which really stands out underwater. If you've never see anything like this, prepare to be amazed once you do start using it! Picture fireworks - color going off in all directions, carrying with it flavors to fish just cruising by. We've opted for classical dyes - red, green and orange. The clearer the water, the more efficient this range. Do not however hesitate to use them in more opaque, siltier waters because the flavors will simply be carried by the cloud and will attract carp to your bait. DENSITY - while we may have left it for last, this is definitely not a negligible aspect, just as important as color. If the liquid is too dense it will just sink and stay only around your hookbait. This is not bad in and of itself, but it is not the maximum effect you can reach with our product. If the liquid is too thin, it will disperse too rapidly for the fish to locate your bait. The optimal density keeps both properties - vertical action as well as durability of effect. Try for yourself the Cloudy Smoke range. It is not an expensive one and sometimes even a few drops on your hook baits or your PVA bags may just be the missing ingredient to spring your alarms to life.
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