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Nutritional liquids

Nutritional liquids are among our most favorite aditives because each and every Selects Baits recipe has a very richid liquid component designed to achieve good sollubility and maximum attractiveness underwater. Quite paradoxically given their name, nutritional liquids are first and foremost attraction elements rather than purely nutritional. The name and label have even fooled some anglers into believing they may not need them because they want to simply attract and not feed carp. We really want to set your minds at ease - attracting is precisely what these liquids do! Before offering a nutritionally rich meal, they first and foremost draw fish in. What they offer more than conventional liquid attractans is that they give off a very natural chemical signal which lasts for a very long time. Quite a few nutritional liquids are actually borrowed from the pharmaceutical industry where they help pacients with digestion problems. These products tend to have a very high concentration of nutrients (amino acids, minerals, vitamins etc.). Other types of nutritional liquids come from aquaculture itself where they stimulate feeding in fish farms. In farming industries more broadly defined, nutritional liquids are used precisely to stimulate appetites or to help gain weight. How do these seemingly complex liquids actually work? Alongside artificial flavors they are the very first to be released once your baits are in the water. Speaking technically we would say they give off the first feeding signal. Carp receive this and are able to judge the quality of a bait just from the water-based "taste" without actually ever picking up any of your baits. This is why any bait surrounded by a "cloud" of nutritional liquids dispersing through the water column will always be like a magnet for carp. Quite literally, a good nutritional liquid will turn water into food and draw fish in instantly. Nutritional liquids can be used with any kind of baits (particules, pellets etc.), but they are most famous for their use in boilies. No quality boilies can be complete if it does not join a good mix with a rich liquid component, comprising one or more nutritional liquids. Most of the time we have found that a combination of liquids is superior to any single one, even if the overall volume is kept constant. We recommend that for our mixes you use 100ml of liquid per kilogram of mix. If you are creating hookbaits you can use more. The combination of liquids and the range of offer differs for every boilie mix, based on the specific aim we had for the baits. Every liquid plays its own very specific role in getting you the carp!
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  • Nutty Scopex Liquid Food

    Nutty Scopex boilies range, complementary liquid. It contains the same ingredients contained by the liquid part of the boilies. It has a sweet, creamy flavor of Scopex combined wit ...

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    Nutty Scopex Liquid Food
  • Hydro Tuna52 Extract

    Hydrolysed tuna is the worthy successor to the famous nutritional liquid L030, which has been a time-tested ingredient in boilies recipes throughout Europe.

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    Hydro Tuna52 Extract
  • Hydro Salmon Protein

    Nutritional liquid made from salmon with a unique flavor. Produced through enzymatic hydrolysis of Atlantic salmon.

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    Hydro Salmon Protein
  • Hydro Ocean Protein

    Nutritional liquid made from marine fish and crustaceans with a unique flavor. Manufactured through enzymatic hydrolysis of marine fish and crustaceans.

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    Hydro Ocean Protein
  • Robin Red Original Haith's

    Robin Red is basically a rock star of carp fishing. It is quite a challenge today to find a carp angler who has never heard of this absolute classic, with its dark-cherry color whi ...

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    Robin Red Original Haith's
  • Belachan

    Liquid belachan is one of the strongest attractants known to carp. It is all-natural product made from fermented shrimp, which contains very high doses of proteins, fermentation ac ...

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  • CSL Complex

    The CSL offered by Select Baits is far different from other versions commercially available, a fact which is easily recognizable in its taste, color and consistency. We essentially ...

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    CSL Complex
  • Liquid Betaine

    Liquid Betaine is an extremely valued feeding stimulator and as such has become a mandatory ingredient in carp baits. The liquid version is created from anhydrous natural betaine.

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    Liquid Betaine
  • Sweetcorn Syrup

    Select Baits uses only the purest corn extract available in creating our Sweetcorn Syrup. It is an excellent attractant which gives your bait a very appreciated sweet taste and fla ...

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    Sweetcorn Syrup
  • Whisky Extract

    Whiskey Extract contains concentrated whiskey extrac dilluted in a complex blend of nutritional liquids. Particularly recommended for boilies recipes but can also be used in dips.

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    Whisky Extract